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Formed by the secret magic users of Elderfall ... the WIZARD Clan! A magical group of never trained, usually fails and explodes themselves wizards!



Kneeling on the dirt of this crude structure hidden deep within the Southern Hills of Elderfall, the wizard, Dabrus, willfully watches his memories swirl in his pensive, wondering what life would be like if he hadn't messed this up, he feels himself getting pulled into memories, and sent down into the dark depths of his mind.

A novice pyromancer kicks a pebble in the rain as he makes his way up his families drive to tell them the bad news. The darkness seems to burn that night, fueled by the young wizards anger, rage and hate towards the heavens. He had failed the trials fair and square but he refused to give up on this world so soon.

A crack of lightning jars the man back to the present, and with desperate eyes he looks around for an object he can use to channel his powers. But the world seems to be against this one, and he is caught alone, off guard and defenseless as an embodiment of god himself stares down at him, everlasting light within its eyes. A booming voice fills the air, "Join me in my thirst for knowledge and learning," rising onto one elbow the man stares up into the Elemental's eye and says "Yes".

As if on queue the air sparkles with a light blinding all who can see it. He has sworn an oath to become an Elemental wizard and abandon his other claims. He has formed a bond with the Elementals. Over time this man will gather more who will swear their lives over to the wizards, and out of it a clan will be formed. This clan will become the the greatest wizards to exist in the realm of Elderfall, with unkempt power that was nourished from their mistakes, a band of misfits from the Southern hills trying to forge a path in the high streets of Elderfall's capital city, Gildborne.