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VʘIÐ[edit | edit source]

In the earliest days of humanity, a dark and evil God, Xolkaan, attempted to form a living pet out of Shadow smoke, consuming all in the process. Watching a storm form on the horizon, Xolkaan received a vision, he saw that what he formed would be all powerful, and would destroy all in its path. In the final moments of his mortal life, before the void consumed him, only then did he truly see what he had created.

What was formed from the body of a celestial being would become worshipped, each person attempting to harness its powers. Those who succeeded would be consumed into the void and would add to growing power. When stories arrived in Elderfall telling of a land filled by Brutes destroyed by the void, many began to be infused by the void, a little of its power being transported into its host.

These hosts were filled with a dark force and from that dark powers would manifest...

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