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Hailing from the Gloomfeld forests on the western border ~ the Hunters of Elderfall are renowned marksman, expert bow hunters and the most agile of all the raiders.

Abilities and Attacks

The Hunter specializes in ranged attacks and has no melee attacks or abilities.

The masteries for the Hunter are Shadow Hunter and Falcon Hunter.

Starting Abilities and Attacks:

  • Attack/Left-Click: Quick shot (Shoots an arrow where the player is pointing).
  • Attack/Left-Hold: Charged shot (Shoots an arrow where the player is pointing but does more damage. Needs to be held down for a couple of seconds).
  • Shift/Right-Click while walking: Quick Dodge (The Hunter slides in the direction the Hunter is walking).
  • Stand still and Shift/Right-Click: Crouch (The Hunter is quiet when crouch walking).
  • Attack/Left-Click in air: Slowmo Shot (Slows falling when drawing bow).

Skill Tier 1 (class level 1)


Increase jump height, jump pad boost and reduce jump stamina cost


Faster movement actions, including crouch walk, dodge and vine climbing

DeathStreak; Adrenaline

Faster run speed with health buff on respawn from 3rd death in a row

Skill Tier 2 (class level 4)


Reveal bunnies with bunny icon marker and gain a health buff from hearts


Reveal nearby gold bags and traps with marker icons and don’t trigger traps on walk over

Skill Tier 3 (class level 8)


View enemy UI at long distance and show foes in bushes with eye icon marker


Create a Bush when crouching for a few seconds plus Self UI is hidden quicker at shorter range

KillStreak; Trophy Hunter

On 3rd bunny kill, each bunny killed in a life multiplies XP kill bonus

Skill Tier 4 (class level 13)


Reveal low health foes with killmark icon and gain full stamina from kills


Silent, faster bow action with quieter movement and environmental sounds

Skill Tier 5 - Mastery (class level 20)

Falcon Hunter; Falcon Flight

Jump again in midair to fly forward a short distance with magic wings

Shadow Hunter; Shadow Smoke

Create a blinding smoke cloud on dodge and become invisible for a few seconds