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Rampaging south from the frost-covered tundra of the northern plains, the Elderfall Berserkers epitomize the traits of a relentless raider; being strong, fast, adaptable and well versed in both ranged and close combat.

The Berserker doesn't specialize in melee or ranged attacks. It is a ranged/melee hybrid.

The masteries for the Berserker are Wild Berserker and Grim Berserker.

Abilities and Attacks:

  • Attack/Left-Click: Melee Swing (It is what it sounds, you swing your weapon).
  • Main-Ability/Shift/Right-click: Axe Throw (What do you think?).
  • Holding Left-Click: Spin Attack (Spins axe 360 degrees (same height through the whole spin)).
  • Left-click hold while in the air: Axe Strike (Slams axe into the ground dealing very high damage).

Skill Tier 1 (class level 1)


Reduces max health but increases max stamina energy


Reduce max stamina but regain stamina from kills

DeathStreak; Retribution

Increased melee damage with health buff on respawn from 3rd death in a row

Skill Tier 2 (class level 4)


Receiving damage increases move speed and track attackers with a foe marker icon


Thrown weapon reveals all nearby enemies and bunnies with marker icons

Skill Tier 3 (class level 8)


Inflict more melee damage the more foes in close range


Inflict more ranged damage the further from the target

KillStreak; Berserker Rage

On 3rd player kill, each player killed in a life multiplies XP kill bonus

Skill Tier 4 (class level 13)


Slam and spin attacks stun pause a foes stamina recharge for a short time


Gain health from ranged kills and next ranged throw attack costs zero stamina

Skill Tier 5 - Mastery (class level 20)

Wild Berserker; Stunning Slam

Creates a stun explosion on using hammer slam with a chance to slow enemies for a short time

Grim Berserker; Sanguine Strike

Thrown scythe creates a large impact radius life steal of nearby foes while empty handed